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Before we start

Mobile web app


Before we start

startup's paths

Mobile web app

What we’ll use

Total - $38-57.99 a month to start

Mobile web app example

0 - Understand the Glide Apps

Go to Glide Apps and familiarize yourself with the menus - left and right. Try with some template.

1 - Create the data structure

First of all, it helps a lot if we think of this as a database. Normally every tab is one entity - think as all the data with the same columns - and you can build filtered versions in separated tabs.

2 - Create the input forms

You can use the Glide Apps’ “add” feature. If you need beyond this input, try to use Jotform and URL parameters, so you can identify the person input the data.

3 - Create the app

Now it’s time to play with Glide Apps and iterate over these steps! Try to build from scratch - to solve your job to be done - and play with the templates.


Now is your time - 2 min to explain the JOB TO BE DONE

and 3 min to discuss SOLUTIONS